In life, change is certain. Today in age, with the ever-growing development of technology, humans have adapted to live in a constant 'upgrade'. Consumerism dictates that we buy a new this and a new that forcing us to rid of the 'old', unwanted possessions to make room for the upgrade. These material possessions (objects) which once held value, are now discarded, forgotten.
The action of wrapping these objects conceals the aesthetics, which in term allude to the forgetting/discarding of the object; allowing the unified form of the objects to develop.
My process is to drive around town in search of eye-catching trash and/or broken, forgotten objects. I then proceed to examine the environment in which the trash is found and begin to ask questions such as, where did the trash come from? who threw it away? why was it discarded? etc.
It is these questions that influence my next step, which is to unify the objects by wrapping them with black shrink wrap.
Conscious to the fact that these objects are, after all trash, documentation is all that remains, alike the objects, a vague memory of what used to be.