The camera is an extension of myself.

The camera is an extension of myself.


        Colombian-born (1992), Miami-raised, Mateo is a photo-based artist. A fascination of human interaction and the pursuit of the idea that we can all get along are what drives Mateo to capture life through the lens. Holding true to the idea that process is more important than product, his focus is bestowed on conversing with passionate individuals and the environment that surrounds him, thus producing images that leave the viewer with more questions than answers.

His work has been exhibited in MOCA, Miami Dade College Gallery, New World Gallery, Cisneros-Fontanals Art Foundation, Mindy Solomon Gallery and Swenson Gallery. Mateo received his Associate in Arts from Miami Dade College and his BFA from University of Florida through New World School of the Arts. He is currently doing a one-year residency at the Bakehouse Art Complex.


Artist Statement

        Presenting self-contradicting conversations through imagery, Mateo reveals hidden layers of meaning in what is already known about human experience.

Using the camera as a password, the artist is granted access to unconventional situations that allow him to investigate connections within organisms that propel movement. This is evident in the geometric dance of the human anatomy and between individuals as we try to comprehend one another and the world around us. It also persists amongst communities as they work together for the benefit of the group.

The work is engulfed in the focus of a pivotal moment that exists between two states of mind, that of stability and a dynamism of movement. Concentrating on capturing the essence of an experience and asking himself the relentless question, what makes humans human, serves as a catalyst for an ever-growing exploration.